Flex Neo AK - Limited edition

New 2022 !
New design.
New fastening method - no velcros.
Easy and fast to put on thanks to magnets.

Product description

Flex Neo is a cosmetic prosthetic cover designed for limb prosthesis. It is an accessory acting as a cosmetic layer for limb prosthesis. It is made for people after lower limb amputation - AK above the knee.

The Flex Neo Covers are our proprietary solution filed with the Patent Office. They consist of only one part, parted at the back, allowing it to be placed on the prosthesis.

They are designed individually for each client, so it does not matter which leg prosthesis you use. This is not a serial product!

Key features

They are made of a material that feels like human skin, is soft and flexible. In addition, it is very durable, resistant to water, low and high temperature.

The use of magnets makes putting on and taking off the covers very easy.

They are very resistant to mechanical impact, thus protecting the prosthesis very effectively. Especially recommended for very active people.


There is a gap of about 7 mm between the cover and the foot. For very soft feet, e.g. made of carbon fiber, the distance should be significantly greater than 7 mm.

Flex Neo covers are adapted to kneeling, only if the design of the prosthesis allows you to do so.

Technical Details

  • Calf circumference: 36; 38; 40; 42 cm.
  • Height: any in the range of 35-53 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 600 g.
  • Cover shape - symmetrical.
  • Water resistance - 100%.
  • Tattoos - charged extra.
  • Matt finish - charged extra.

Technical sheet

  • We do not use velcros for the knees indicated below. The covers are fully self-supporting.
    • C-Leg; C-Leg3; C-Leg4; Kenevo; Genium; Genium X3 (without protector)
    • 3R60; 3R60 pro; 3R78; 3R90; 3R92; 3R93; 3R80; 3E80; 3R106; 3R106 pro
    • Rheo Knee; Rheo Knee XC; Mauch; Balance OFM1; Total 1900; Total 2000; Total 2100
    • Plie 3; VGK
  • The covers for other knees may contain Velcro.


Easy ordering - no scans or complicated measurements. For example, information such as the type of knee joint, height or circumference of the cover is sufficient.

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Glossy finish

Matte finish

Glossy finish

All covers for AK - Transfemoral amputation.

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