Flex BK

Anatomical shape.
Any BK ( TT ) prosthesis.

Flex BK

Anatomical shape.
Any BK ( TT ) prosthesis.



Product description

They are designed individually for each client, so it doesn't matter which prosthesis you use. This is not a serial product!

They are made of a material that resembles human skin, it is soft and flexible.

For very soft feet (e.g. fiberglass) and for feet with a parabolic shell, e.g. from Ossur, there is a gap between the foot and the cover, as in the MAX version.

Highly resistant to mechanical impact, they effectively protect the prosthesis. Especially recommended for very active people.


Technical Details

  • Waterproof.
  • Size: any.
  • Calf circumference: any, limited by the shape of the socket.
  • Height: any.
  • Weight: approx. 300 g.
  • Shape: exact copy according to scan of the sound limb.
  • Material: soft and flexible, it is highly resistant to water and bacteria.
  • The cross-section of the lower part of the cover is similar to the shape of the foot shell. 
  • Painless Tattoos - extra paid option.
  • The covers are attached with a double-sided tape to the prosthetic socket.
  • For each colour - glossy and matte versions.



Before scanning smooth or shiny surfaces, such as stainless steel, it is a good idea to wrap the prothesis in a thin cloth. However, the best solution is to spray the surface with a special powder in a spray, for example from IP Division GmbH. (www.ipdent.com)