Brand new in every way, an integrated cosmetic cover for AK (TF) prostheses.


Brand new in every way, an integrated cosmetic cover for AK (TF) prostheses.


Product description

The Phantom Cover is our latest achievement in flexible cosmetic covers. It has been designed to closely mimic a healthy limb while walking and, most importantly, sitting down when the prosthesis is bent.

Our proprietary solution uses a unique "button" and magnets, making it easy to put the covers on and take them off (both the bottom and the top ones).

The smooth surface of our products (in non-matte versions) makes it easy to put on clothes over the covers.

Highly resistant to mechanical impact, they effectively protect the prosthesis. It is especially recommended for very active people. In addition, the material from which they are made is very durable, resistant to water and both low and high temperatures.

Technical Details

  • Waterproof.
  • Size : Any.
  • Shape : anatomical, made according to a scan of a healthy leg.
  • Material : soft and flexible, highly resistant to water and bacteria.
  • Adapted to kneeling, if the knee prosthesis design allows for it.
  • Colours : flesh-coloured, grey, white and black.
  • The top cover is attached to the prosthetic socket with a special button, allowing you to remove the cover at any time.
  • The bottom cover has magnets, allowing you to put on and take off the cover quickly.
  • The cross-section of the bottom part of the bottom cover is similar to the shape of the foot shell. 
  • Painless Tattoos - extra paid option.


Will the Phantom cover fit with MAX or Flex Neo AK covers?

Both the top and bottom parts of the Phantom cover are designed to work together when walking, sitting or kneeling. Both covers are inseparable, so the top part will not fit our MAX or Flex Neo AK covers.

Which version to choose - with or without the matte varnish?
Does the top cover have to have a vent opening?



Please, measure the prosthesis very accurately.

The quality of the pictures taken is also critical, especially the image of the foot shell. Moving the phone lens distorts the dimensions of the prosthesis.

Visualization on request