How to put Flex on my prosthesis?

To put on the Flex Neo cover, gently open the cover from the back to the sides and place it on the prosthesis. When on the prosthesis, the magnets on the back will close the gap. If the cover moves while walking, stick the supplied Velcro between the prosthesis and the place, where the cover is adjacent to the prosthesis (e.g. on the side of the knee of the pipe adapter). For Flex Neo BK covers, the supplied Velcro can be attached between the socket and the cover. The place where the Velcro is attached should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. The Flex Neo cover should be degreased only on the inside (!) with acetone, whereas the sticking points on the prosthesis should be degreased with, e.g. denatured alcohol or extraction gasoline. Please pay special attention not to use the above - mentioned chemical products on the outer surface of the cover, as the surface of the finish may be damaged.

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