Cosmetic prosthetic cover for children.


Cosmetic prosthetic cover for children.

Product description

Flex covers have been designed to protect, above all, children's fingers. Very resistant to mechanical impacts, thus they also effectively protect the prosthesis.

They are designed individually for each type of prosthesis. This is not a serial product!

They are made of a material that feels like human skin, is soft and flexible.

Flex Neo covers are adapted to kneeling, provided that the design of the knee prosthesis allows it.


Technical Details

  • Waterproof.
  • Calf circumference: any.
  • Height: any.
  • Weight: approx. 200 g.
  • Shape: anatomical.
  • Material: soft and flexible, it is highly resistant to water and bacteria.
  • Painless Tattoos - extra paid option.



Please, measure the prosthesis very carefully, in particular the circumference of the socket, as a mistake by a few millimeters may cause the cover to not fit.

Taking pictures is also very important, especially the picture of the foot shell. Moving the phone lens distorts the dimensions of the prosthesis.