Our advantages

Our advantages

Reconstruction of the shape of the sound limb.
Each of our covers is designed individually with particular emphasis on the anatomical shape of the sound limb.

Knee shape reconstruction.
In the Duo cover we have used a solution that imitates the knee, also in a sitting position.

Easy to put on thanks to magnets.
Another of our proprietary solutions is the use of magnets, which make it literally a moment to put on the prosthesis.

Any painless tattoo.
Send us your favorite tattoo, graphic or drawing and we will put it on the cover.

Any type of prosthesis.
We make covers for every prosthesis, prosthesis for children and rotationplasty.

Long durability
The material from which they are made is soft and flexible, to the touch resembling human skin and, importantly, it is resistant to water, bacteria and mechanical damage.

Of course, all our TF (above knee) covers are suitable for kneeling, as long as the prosthesis design allows it.